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Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference

The electronic version of the highly respected MARTINDALE reference book published by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain offers extensive, unbiased, evaluated information on worldwide drugs and related substances. Micromedex 2.0 allows you to search quickly and easily for pharmacological and therapeutic data, synonyms, and manufacturer's brand names.


 What's in Martindale?


The Martindale database contains information on drugs in clinical use worldwide, as well as selected investigational and veterinary drugs, herbal medicines, pharmaceutical excipients, vitamins and nutritional agents, vaccines, radiopharmaceuticals, contrast media and diagnostic agents, medicinal gases, drugs of abuse and recreational drugs, toxic substances, disinfectants, and pesticides. Sections of text summarize the relevant information, followed, if appropriate, by referenced abstracts or reviews that expand upon the details given in the text or add additional information.


The contents may be categorized as follows:

Preparations summaries of more than 70,000 proprietary products from 17 countries are included. Information is provided on brand name, manufacturer, country of origin, active constituents, and licensed uses. Cross-references link each ingredient to an appropriate drug monograph when possible.


In addition, more than 600 disease treatment reviews offer overviews of the diseases and drugs used in their treatment, along with key references. Cross-references are provided between disease reviews and relevant drug monographs.





Monographs are shown with all sections expanded by default. Navigation to a specific topic or section can be accomplished by selecting the topic from the monograph outline on the left side of the page.


See Also

Related chapters associated with the selected drug can be accessed via a link shown at the top of the monograph (if available).




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