Drug Identification

The Drug Identification tool can assist you in identifying pharmaceutical tablets, caplets, and capsules by any of their physical characteristics such as shape, color, pattern, or imprint code.


Micromedex 2.0 customers that subscribe to IDENTIDEX® can display additional information in the Pill Imprint Search Results, including:

Customers that subscribe to POISINDEX® can open the toxicologic management for the substance from Pill Imprint Search Results. When an overdose or toxic ingestion or exposure is suspected, this can close the information loop from identification to management.


Micromedex 2.0 returns a full-color image of the drug whenever possible, with a link to detailed product and drug information.


 Creating Your Search


You have two options for searching: search by imprint code, or by physical characteristics when the imprint code is illegible.





 Searching by Imprint Code


Type the imprint codes in the Side 1 and/or Side 2 fields. Side order (Side 1 or Side 2) does not matter. A search for Side 1 = 1025 and Side 2 = 93 produces the same match as Side 1 = 93 and Side 2 = 1025.


Typing an imprint code into both sides is not required. If you are not able to read both imprints, type the one that is legible.


Click the SUBMIT button to begin the search for matches to the imprint(s).


          Partial Imprints

There may be times or conditions when you are not sure of the entire imprint code. When this is the case, click the Partial Imprint checkbox to perform the search looking for the characters entered anywhere in the imprint code.


Using the example of Side 1 = mrk and Side 2 = 71 (with the Partial Imprint checkbox selected) finds the imprint 71 anywhere in the imprint code; in this case three matches found: MRK 711, MRK 717, and Mrk 717.


Without the Partial Imprint checkbox selected, the default Drug Identification search looks for exactly what is entered as the search term. This means all terms and conditions must match to be considered a match. This executes like the Boolean "AND" search operator.


Using the same example: Side 1 = MRK and Side 2 = 71, but without the Partial Imprint checkbox selected, results in No Matches Found, as there are no drugs with the imprint of MRK AND 71.


If only one side is legible, you can search using a single imprint code. For example, you could search on Side 1 = 71. This search finds all drugs with 71 as an imprint, which may produce a large list of matches.


If the drug has something other than letters or numbers, you can search on the term "logo".




The example shown here could be found by searching Side 1 = 120 and Side 2 = logo.

 Searching By Description


There may be times when no imprint code is available or legible. Click the No Imprint Code? Click  here to search by Description link to open selection criteria for searching by the physical characteristics of the drug.




The Drug Identification search page opens:




Type or select the known physical characteristics and then click the SUBMIT button to begin the search for matches to your criteria. Searches on this page execute as if using the Boolean "OR" operator.


To illustrate this, a search selecting Color = Pink; Color = Red, means the search would look for any items that were: Pink; OR Red; OR Pink and Red




TIP: There may be occasions where a match cannot be found in the Images database, but exists in the Imprints database. If an imprint can be used, return to the imprint search by clicking the Click here to search by Imprint Code link.


If you have typed the wrong information or selected parameters in error and wish to begin again, click the Clear button to remove all selections and characteristics and start over.





Select from the checkboxes to narrow results to specific colors and color combinations.



The default selection is to look for substances of all shapes, but you can select a specific shape from any of the shapes shown in the drop-down list.



The default selection looks for all patterns, but you can select a specific pattern from any shown in the drop-down list.