Physicians' Desk Reference® (PDR)

The electronic Physicians' Desk Reference provides fast, easy access to information found in the popular Physicians' Desk Reference® (PDR), the PDR for Nonprescription Drugs and Dietary Supplements™, and the PDR for Ophthalmic Medicines. This integrated system includes current FDA-approved prescription drugs, commonly used over-the-counter drugs, and specialized ophthalmic pharmaceuticals. Its global searching capability allows instant access to detailed data on ingredients, drug interactions, side effects, recommended dosages, clinical pharmacology, pediatric use, contraindications, and available forms. Information on drug manufacturers is also included.


 Information Included in PDR


The format and outline of the Physicians' Desk Reference are identical to the familiar book version, containing the following sections:

 Viewing a PDR Document


PDR documents open at the beginning topic when you open the document. Typically, the beginning topic is the Description topic.


You can move to any other section (or sub-section) of the document at any time by clicking on the section (or sub-section) name in the outline on the left side of the page.



Click on the sub-section heading to view the sub-section information.




Print the full document by clicking the Print icon print_icon.jpg located at the top of the document on the right side of the page.