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Simply type any term, phrase, or question into the search box that is available on every page to get to the information you want. Micromedex is designed to work like familiar search engines and deliver results in a clean, uncluttered interface.

Create focused searches with:

  • A single term (such as a drug, condition, or laboratory test name)
  • Multiple terms (such as two drugs, or a drug and a condition)
  • A simple question

Example Searches:

Single term search Multiple Term Search Search with a Question


carvedilol atrial fibrillation what is the dosing for carvedilol
naproxen osteoarthritis naproxen what is FDA approved for osteoarthritis
pancreatitis dementia Parkinson's disease what is fda approved for alopecia
chlorothiazide TSH level goiter what is the treatment for hypertension

Typically, the more information you can provide, the faster we can move you directly to the answer to your question. Not all questions have a direct link to a topic in our data, but all searches should return results that are ranked by relevancy to your search terms.

Drop-down Suggestions

As you type, the drop-down list opens and makes suggestions based on what you've typed.

For example, if you typed "dosing", the drop-down list would suggest:

  • dosing
  • dosing for
  • dosing in
  • dosing of

You can click on one of the list item suggestions, which adds the term(s) to the query, or simply keep typing in the field. Click the SEARCH button or press the Enter key to begin the search.

Direct Access to a Document and Topic

Certain targeted search terms, when used in your search query, produce extremely focused results; you go directly into the topic/section of the desired document. The following examples show the search terms that will result in opening the document positioned at the desired topic/section:

Search Term(s) Search Example
Dosing dosing + drug
  • dosing for propofol
  • basiliximab dosage
  • what is the dosing for minoxidil
Treatment (therapy)

treatment + drug

  • eszopiclone treatment
  • capreomycin treats
Causes causes + drug + condition
  • nail damage caused by docetaxel
FDA-Labeled (FDA approved)

FDA-labeled + drug

  • benzonatate approved for
  • sumatriptan FDA-labeled

FDA-labeled + condition + drug

  • is rituximab approved for rheumatoid arthritis
  • scopolamine FDA-labeled for motion sickness
Non FDA-Labeled (Non FDA approved)

non FDA-labeled + condition + drug

  • Non FDA-Labeled postoperative wound infection benzoyl peroxide
  • excessive salivation scopolamine non-FDA-labeled
Drug Interactions drug interactions + drug
  • drug interactions for amiodarone hydrochloride

The list of terms with this functionality will continue to grow with each release of Micromedex.

NOTE: Searches are NOT case-sensitive.

Focused Search Results

The search examples listed below can also be used to search Micromedex, and although they do not go directly to the document and topic, the search results on an intermediate search result page closely focused toward your search term(s).

This list will continue to grow with each release.

Search Term(s) Search Example
Treatment (therapy)

treatment + condition

  • what is the treatment of hypertension
  • therapy for porphyria
Procedure to treat treatment + procedure + condition
  • what is the procedure to treat DVT
Procedure condition + procedure
  • deep vein thrombosis procedure
Causes causes + condition
  • causes adrenal insufficiency

causes + drug

  • aspirin causes
FDA-Labeled (FDA approved) FDA-labeled + condition
  • FDA approved for Parkinson's disease
  • FDA approved for Kawasaki disease
Non FDA-Labeled (Non FDA approved)

non FDA-labeled + condition

  • non FDA approved for excessive salivation
  • non-FDA-labeled coccidioidomycosis

non FDA-labeled + drug

  • off label use for lamotrigine
  • scopolamine non-FDA-labeled uses
Indication indication + lab
  • protein assay indicated in
Drug Treatment condition + drug treatment
  • drug treatment of HIV infection

For more detailed information on searching for information in Micromedex, click the Help link found at the top of every page.

NOTE: Online Help is not available to users viewing Micromedex on a BlackBerry® device.



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