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Searches Made Simple

With the prominently displayed Search Micromedex search box that is available on every page in Micromedex® Solutions you have direct access to the information you need. It also provides intelligent searching with in-line spelling suggestions.


By default you can quickly perform one search to get all the relevant results for the content to which you subscribe, or you can specify a filter option to search specifically within the drug, disease, or toxicology content, which will provide you with more targeted results.




Note: The filter is only applied when searching from the home page.



For instructions on creating searches in Micromedex Solutions click here.



From beneath the Search Micromedex search box on the Home Page you can access:  the Latest News from Micromedex Solutions and across the industry, Support & Training and other Micromedex Solutions information, and Resources (targeted searches) to take you directly to the most accessed drug content.



Latest News

Stay informed with late-breaking clinical news and information about Truven Health Analytics products and events. Select a topic from the Latest News column to see a summary, which contains a link to the full article.

Support & Training

Want to learn more about using Micromedex Solutions? We are here for you. Whether you are a new user or a seasoned expert, we provide training resources for learning shortcuts, effective search strategies, and little-known features to save you time. Choose the format (live, online webinar or pre-recorded eLearning course) that best fits you or your training needs. Simply click on the Training & Tutorials link located in the Support & Training column on the Micromedex Solutions Home Page and follow the instructions to sign up and register for the class most suited to you. In the Support & Training column you will also find links to information about the following:


§  How to properly cite Micromedex Solutions databases

§  What the Micromedex Solutions Consulting Practice has to offer

§  Micromedex Integrated Solutions

§  Quick Answer resources for getting the most out of your subscription


At the bottom of the Support & Training column click the Support Request button to send an email to the Truven Health Customer Resource Center.

Resources (Targeted Searches)

This column provides direct links to clinical information that is valuable and commonly requested. You can go straight to the information without performing a search:


§  Black Box Warnings - Alphabetical list of drugs that have a black box warning

§  Comparative Tables - Alphabetical list of DRUGDEX® Drug Consults documents that contain a comparative table

§  Do Not Confuse Drug List - Alphabetical list of frequently confused drug names, including look-alike and sound-alike name pairs

§  Drug Classes - Alphabetical list of drug classes contained in Micromedex Solutions

§  Drug Consults - Alphabetical list of all DRUGDEX Drug Consult articles

§  REMS - Alphabetical list of drugs with current Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) requirements

§  Download Mobile Apps - Information on the Micromedex Solutions mobile offerings (also accessible from the Download Center link at the top of the page)  



Other elements available on the Micromedex Solutions Home Page include:


§  Header Links - View your Micromedex Solutions subscription (My Subscription), go to the Micromedex Solutions Gateway page, access online Help, view information on the Micromedex Solutions mobile offerings (Download Center), Logout.

§  Toolbar - Use a tool or open another subscribed Truven Health Analytics application

§  Footer Links - Access more information about Micromedex Solutions, including a detailed User Guide in .pdf formant and how to Contact us.

My Subscription


View all the Micromedex Solutions products to which you subscribe by clicking the My Subscription link located near the top right side of every page. Your customer name and account number are shown near the top of the window. Hover your mouse over the "i" icon to view a general description of the product or application.






The Tools menu provides functionality that is not available in a search of the Micromedex Solutions content. The most frequently used tools are shown on the toolbar. Depending on your subscription, the tool you want may be visible or it may in the Other Tools drop-down menu.



Use the tools menu to:


§  Find drug interactions for one or more drugs (Drug Interactions)

§  Find the compatibility of drugs administered intravenously (IV Compatibility)

§  Identify pills and tablets based on the imprint code or physical description (Drug ID)

§  Compare two or more drugs side-by-side (Drug Comparison)

§  Search by a common product, substance, ingredient, Product ID, code, or street term (Tox & Drug Product Lookup) 

§  Use one of the calculators: dosing tools, laboratory values, antidote dosing & nomograms, clinical, or measurement calculators (Calculators)


The additional applications that are available from within Micromedex Solutions are: Formulary, CareNotes®, RED BOOK®, and NeoFax®/Pediatrics.

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