IBM MICROMEDEX® Pharmaceutical Knowledge With Watson

Watson Assistant uses cognitive computing in the IBM cloud to gather search intents through conversation, provide specific clinical answers, and guide clinicians to relevant evidence.

 How Micromedex with Watson


Ask questions the way clinicians ask clinicians. The more specific the question, the more

specific the answer. Examples:


What's the adult dose of lisinopril for hypertension?

What are the approved uses for pristiq?

What are the adverse effects of digoxin?

Can cefazolin be given IV push?

 Micromedex with Watson Understands


Watson can answer many drug information questions. The system learns from interaction with users

and will be able to answer more sophisticated questions over time. For now, answers are limited to


  Drug Information (e.g. Drug Classes, Dosing, Administration, Medication Safety, mechanism of  Action, Pharmacokinetics, About)

  Drug Interactions (guides users to interaction evidence for a single drug)

 How to use Micromedex with Watson Understands


The Watson Assistant search box is available on every page in Micromedex. On all pages the Watson Assistant is located in the lower right of the page.



While on any page on IBM Micromedex® Pharmaceutical Knowledge, simply select the Ask Watson chatbox on the lower right hand side of your screen. The Watson Assitant chatbox will expand and you will be able to ask Watson your question on Drug Information or Drug Interactions. For an example, if you ask Watson


For an example, if you ask Watson, what is the standard dose of lisinopril? Watson will respond with a question to obtain more details to properly answer your question.



We will type in adult and hit enter



Watson will again respond with a question to obtain more information.


You will then respond with the condition for which you are looking, in this case HTN. You can either select hypertension or type in HTN in the Type something section in the bottom and hit enter on your keyboard.



Once Watson is told that the condition is hypertension, Watson will provide you with a thorough answer based upon your responses to Watson’s follow up questions.



For additional information on adult dosing for Lisinopril, select the Adult Dosing for Linisopril link.



Once Adult Dosing for Lisinopril is selected, you will be brought to the Quick Answers information for Lisinopril in Micromedex.



You can also ask Watson more complex questions, such as putting all of the context into one question.



Watson will provide you with the same answer as the previous example.



Just below the Watson Assistant banner, you will notice the terms in which you had searched for Lisinopril, Hypertension, Adult, and a blue button that states Clear. If you select the X next to one of the terms you have searched, it will allow you to update the question in which you had asked Watson.



You will select the X next to the Adult search term, and Watson will clear the Adult from your search list. You will then just enter Pediatric in the Type Something.... area and hit enter on the keyboard.



Watson Assistant will now display the pediatric dosing of lisinopril for hypertension.



To clear all the search terms from your search history and to begin a new search, you simply select the blue button titled Clear.