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AltMedDex Points® - Summary Alternative Medicine Information

AltMedDex Points provide brief highlights of dosing, indications, contraindications, adverse effects, drug interactions, therapeutic class, pregnancy, and lactation for herbals, vitamins, minerals, and other dietary supplements.


Typical AltMedDex summary documents contain information organized into one or more of the following sections:

Each of the sections may contain sub-sections that further define the information presented. For example, the Contraindications/Warnings section may contain sub-sections for: Contraindications, Pregnancy Category, and Lactation.


 Viewing AltMedDex Points


An individual section of the AltMedDex Point summary is displayed when you open the document. The specific section shown, depends on how you searched for the document.


For example, if you searched for "treatment of altitude sickness" the Indications sub-section is shown. The outline on the left side of the page shows the Dosing & Indications section highlighted, with the associated sub-sections listed below. If you simply searched on "bee pollen" then the first section (Name Information) of the document is shown.


You can move to any other section (or sub-section) of the document at any time by clicking on the section (or sub-section) name in the outline on the left side of the page.



Expanding a single sub-section

Click on the sub-section heading to view the sub-section information. The triangle icon will point down to denote that the sub-section is expanded, and the information behind that sub-section is displayed.



Expanding all sub-sections in the displayed section

Click on the Expand sub-sections link shown at the top of the document to view all information for the current section.

 Display the Entire Document


The complete document can be shown at any time. Click the DISPLAY THE ENTIRE DOCUMENT link located near the top of the page to show all sections of the Clinical Review.


Use the Expand and Collapse sub-sections link to open and close sections as desired. You may have to use the scroll bar to view the document from beginning to end.


 Viewing Additional Information


A search for additional information is available by clicking the OTHER SOURCES button located near the top of the document. This opens a window with options to show additional results for the current topic (title) in:



Additional data sources may be available in Micromedex 1.0 which can supplement the information in Micromedex 2.0. If you wish to view the results, click the title link. If you do not want to view other results, click the CLOSE X link.


    1. Click the print_icon.jpg  icon or the PRINT link.

    2. The print dialog window opens with the section you were viewing showing a selected checkbox.

    3. Click on the sections you want to include in the printout.

    4. To include all sections, click the Check all link. To quickly de-select all sections and start over, click the Uncheck all link.

    5. To include pop-up information (such as references) click the All pop-up information checkbox.

    6. Click the print_icon.jpg  icon or the PRINT link to send your selections to the printer; Click the X or CLOSE link to cancel your print request.