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Detailed Toxicology Information From POISINDEX

The POISINDEX® System identifies ingredients for hundreds of thousands of commercial, pharmaceutical, and biological substances. Each substance is linked to one or more management documents providing information on clinical effects, range of toxicity, and treatment protocols for exposures involving the substances.


 Toxicological Managements


Toxicological Managements offers over 850 detailed courses of treatment for someone exposed to a substance.


POISINDEX documents follow this standard outline:


§  Overview

§  Substances included/synonyms

§  Clinical effects

§  Laboratory/monitoring

§  Abstracts

§  Treatment

§  Level of toxicity

§  Kinetics

§  Pharmacology/Toxicology

§  Animal toxicology

§  References

§  Author information

 Viewing POISINDEX Managements


When viewing a POISINDEX Management you can:


§  Open a single sub-topic by clicking the link in the outline on the left side of the page, or by clicking the sub-topic header bar shown on the right side of the page.

§  Expand all topics by clicking the Expand All link.

§  Collapse all open topics by clicking the Collapse All link.

§  Return to the top of the topic using the Top of Page links.

§  Navigate to other topics (and sub-topics) in the monograph using the document outline links, located on the left-hand side of the screen.

§  Scroll the entire document by clicking on the Display Entire Document link and then using the scrollbar

§  Print the topic (or selected topics; or the entire summary) by clicking the Print icon and selecting the topics desired


 Viewing Additional Information


A search for additional information is available by clicking the OTHER SOURCES button located near the top of the document. This opens a window with options to show additional results for the current topic (title) in:


§  Another source - such as Martindale

§  A related tool - such as Tox & Drug or RED BOOK (based on your subscription)




 If you wish to view the results, click the title link. If you do not want to view other results, click the CLOSE X link.



1.    Click the  icon or the PRINT link.

2.    The print dialog window opens with the section you were viewing showing a selected checkbox.

3.    Click on the sections you want to include in the printout.

4.    To include all sections, click the Check all checkbox. To quickly de-select all sections and start over, click the Uncheck all checkbox.

5.    To include pop-up information (such as references) click the All pop-up information checkbox.

6.    Click the  icon or the PRINT link to send your selections to the printer; Click the X or CLOSE link to cancel your print request.