Drugs that Cause ... (Adverse Reactions List)


As a pharmacist, you are frequently involved as part of a team in managing patient treatment and often the go-to expert for drug-induced conditions, drug-drug interactions, complicated or off-label dosing and therapeutic ranges. In these instances, MICROMEDEX provides the information you need to quickly inform your team.


Picture this scenario: The phone rings. The physician on the other end has a patient who has developed thrombocytopenia. How can you tell if any of the patient’s 15 medications could have caused it? Instead of researching each drug individually, start in MICROMEDEX by searching “drugs that cause thrombocytopenia” for a robust list.


An alphabetical list of the drugs in Micromedex 2.0 that cause an adverse effect or condition is available with a single search.


Build the search using the noun “drugs”, “medications”, “substances”, or “agents” with any form of the word “cause”.



Search results are displayed on a Drugs That Cause xxx page where xxx is the condition or reaction searched.




If the drug you are looking for begins with a letter occurring later in the alphabet, click on the Jump To letter link, shown at the top of the list.



Click on a title to open the Adverse Effects (Summary) or Adverse Reactions (Detailed) topic in the associated drug information.